When you’ve been in the game as long as I have, you start to learn that there are marketing models out there are not what they claim to be anymore. I have discovered something great, something that will skyrocket my success a lot more, and at the same time yours, but let me honestly ask you a few questions.

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Have you ever dealt with any of the following situations? If you haven’t, that’s great; you won’t have to pass on what I have been through:

Do you have a list of subscribers? Great! That’s good, but if you don’t care about quality and just promote the same garbage that everyone else is promoting out there you will start losing them and not making any sales.

Have you tried SEO? I´m sure you have wasted a lot of time and even more money on that too, I confess that I did it when I was a beginner. But in reality the traffic is not free; and you have to invest a lot of money and effort to get those little pages in the top of the search engines.

Have you almost emptied out your bank account with PPC?  Well a lot of people have done it though, just looking for a few CPA optins that didn´t make them too guilty for wasting their money.

Have you spent your precious time on creating videos?  Honestly, the only traffic that those videos get is from the traffic that those gurus tell you to buy for people to view those videos and even comment on them just because you paid them to do so.

Well, I can go on and on and on but I don´t want to be like every single Internet marketer, I don’t want to waste your time, I want to be honest with you, I really want to stand out from the crowd and really give you something of value.

In reality I truly want you to make money, and I got that feeling for you because I have been there exactly where you are.

The money is not in the list, the money is not in the Sales Page either. The real fact is that the money is in the quality product you deliver!

I quit using everything that was not working; I kept everything that was doing just great and here I´m uncovering my secret to you, my next movement to scale up my online business to the next level: High Quality Product Creation.

What makes you buy a product?

  • The high converting sales page
  • The step-by-step proven system
  • The great results you can get applying the system
  • The testimonials from people that have tested and gotten results
  • How  easy the sales page claims to be
  • The killer graphics
  • The great bonuses that you give away
  • The low price.
  • And of course the Guarantee you offer right before they buy.

And right there with that guarantee is where we find the coveted back door that buyers use to get their money back. And do you know why that happens? It happens for the sad truth that “a really bad quality product is what kills the highest converting sales page ever and makes you a liar.” And guess what people think of people that promote those kinds of products? They feel angry at you! And they stop trusting you, which is just as bad.

A great quality product is the perfect companion of the highest converting sales page ever. You can get to be the best selling product online, but that means nothing if people just hate your product and get refunds or maybe, if they just don´t care about it they decide to not buy from you anymore.

And here is where the perfect product comes into play. If you own the perfect product, you have into your hands a really powerful profit making machine that you can turn on whenever you want, and make money from it as many times as you want from the same audience that is passionate about it. You can even create a monthly membership around the same product.

But there are a few very important questions that come into play right now:

Are you a really good product creator? I ask you that because there are a lot of really talented people that know how things work on product creation, so you really need to face strong competition on this.

Do you have countless hours to create the perfect product? Let me tell you that it takes a lot of hours and weeks to create a high quality product that can stand out from the crowd.

Do you have the money to outsource the job? I love Internet, because you may pick as many talented people as you want, with the highest talent to do anything you want, but do you have the money to pay them what they charge? It is really expensive dough.

And how do I know so much about all this? Well, obviously because I myself I´m a product creator.

Creating a HQ Product is really expensive!

Yep, I have been creating my own high-quality (HQ) products for my own launches since last year. I quit everything I was doing wrong and started concentrating on the successful parts of my businesses and there is where I started focusing: on Product Launches.

I do know that creating a product takes great talent:

  • You need to be extremely good at writing content, mastering a step-by-step proven system that can bring attractive results to the buyer.
  • You need to be able to create a great and extremely high converting sales page
  • You need to be able to record live videos and have the ability to talk on the microphone with a nice voice.
  • And of course you need to be really good at designing graphics. Let me tell you, there is a lot of competition on all of this.

I do know that creating a product takes a lot of time, money and effort. Creating high quality products that can easily have the power to convert it into a monthly membership can cost you thousands of dollars. And those are the kinds I like to create.

And that’s why I have to slap the PLR tag onto my next generation of products for you to slap your name on it and make it yours, which is called Private Label Rights (PLR). I don’t want to go too techy here, so, I will just state what Wikipedia says about it:

Private Label Rights (PLR): “Private label rights” is a concept used in Internet marketing and derived from private labeling. It’s a license where the author sells most or all of the intellectual property rights to their work.

Great, there is no better definition than this. It is just the ability to create the perfect product, with the potential to create a new 5 figure income stream launch and I am going to let you to download it, put your name on it, upload it and start making crazy money with it even as I do.

I can’t explain it easier than that.

The 5 Steps Formula to PLR Success!

The 5 Steps Formula to create a new Making Money Machine every single month with your brand new PLR Products is a proven way used by successful PLR Internet marketers to make a lot of money online.

Step 1: Download your PLR Package

Step 2: Slightly rebrand everything

Step 3: Add Additional content

Step 4: Upload your sales funnel

Step 5: Advertise your New Product

Step 1: Download your PLR Package

It is an extremely important thing that you count on high quality PLR products, because this part will define the quality of the sales funnel you are going to deliver to your future clients.

The higher the quality of the PLR product, the less modification and actualizations you have to make on it.

There are very important principles to be considered here, you can create a unique, high quality and extremely hot offer that will convert way better than your competitors’ sales funnel with these principles.

Here is where my 12 Keys-formula for the perfect PLR product comes into play:

  • New: the product has to be new, not the same and old information that the search engines have indexed for years. It has to be accurate; it has to give the latest updates, the latest screenshots as well, the latest information on the subject, and the latest videos.
  • Unique: the information has to be unique; it has to be created and not just copied from the Web. People want unique content; if something is new it has to be unique.
  • Hot and evergreen topic: the topic must be the latest buzz online, and a topic that never will fail or disappear. The topic has to focus on stuff that people are investing millions in to stay in the market forever.
  • Proven step-by-step system: it needs to present an easy to apply, step-by-step proven system, which can bring results in the shortest time possible.
  • Complete High-Converting Sales funnel: it needs to provide all the necessary sales copies, and they have to be unique and high converting. It needs to need to have the complete sales funnel, not only the sales page.
  • Wide variety of marketing tools: affiliate area, emails, squeeze pages, videos, PowerPoint presentations, etc. with all of it of being of great quality.
  • Killer graphics: the graphics must be using the latest techniques on graphic creation, not the old graphics that still are used over the Web. This includes items such as the header, footer, e-book covers, video covers, product covers, banners, etc.
  • Great bonuses: bonuses are key for getting a really low refund rate if there are people that are overly demanding. People get really excited about the bonuses, and also about new surprise bonuses that you may include inside the download area.
  • Edit it however you want: you will need to have the word files or the PSD files so you may change them however you want, specifically you must change all of the affiliate links and put your name on them.
  • Accessible cost: this is important, you know that this business of creating a product can be really expensive, you can easily pay around $500 for something like this and easily make that back in a few days if you know how to do it, but there are still a lot of really hot and limited time offers you can get access to in order to get HQ PLR products for a fraction of the cost.
  • Available for a limited time: not everyone can have access to the product. It has to have a limited time to be available online and then disappear as every great PLR does.
  • Excellent support:  it is really disappointing when you buy something and you are left by yourself to do it on your own. You really need someone to show you how to install everything, how to edit it, and how to make money with it as well.

Well, that’s exactly what you are getting with HQPLRStore.com, high-quality and ready to sell products that you can easily convert as a money making machine on step 5.

Now what you need to do is to log in to your HQPlrStore.com members area and download your PLR Package.

Step 2: Slightly rebrand everything (optional)

Slightly rebrand everything in every one of the products of the sales funnel you will get in the PLR Package. I´m not talking about changing everything or creating a new product again, what’s the point of doing that? What I´m talking about here is changing some very important parts that can make your product more unique.

Let me tell you what you can do during the rebranding process:

  • Product Names:

Change the name of the products. Try to make it short and easy to remember, so you can easily register a domain name with it.

Other people have had access to the same product as you. Many of them will leave the same name of the product. You will see that those products may be listed to be sold for $1 (which is not honest), but if you change the name that will make you unique.

The great thing about our packages is that they come with all the PSD files so you will be able to easily change the name of the products even on the banners and graphics. In that way you don’t have to create new ones from scratch.

  • Introductions:

It is very important for you to create a unique introduction talking about you and your product. You can rewrite the content that already is on this place and update it accordingly to the content on the body of the product if you decide to update something on that part as well.

  •  Body Content:

The content is what matter most, if it’s a proven system that works great then it will work for everyone else at any time. An extremely important part here is that you need to read everything, that’s very important because you will dominate the topic and then you will know what do to in every step of the process.

You need to make sure that the content may fit to the actual application in the Internet marketing world. Make sure all links to sources used on the content are still available; make sure images are updated too. The great thing about our products is that they are brand new and completely updated; you don’t have to update anything really, because it is the latest stuff about the topic.

Remember, you are not creating a new product. You are editing an already proven product. While creating a product takes weeks and even months, doing this editing part can take you a few days and even just a few hours.

  • Change Affiliate links:

If you forget this part, you will be leaving a lot of money on the table, or you might be working hard so other people (like me) start making money with your efforts alone (which I will thank you for if you have decided to do it like that).

Go and sign up on every single affiliate program that every tool explained in the content that you may have. You will make a lot of money that way, because you are inviting people to use something that works and that it is proven in the guide that is trusted.

  • Add new resources to the main guide:

You may include direct access to new and directly related resources on the last section of the guide as well. Maybe you know different and high quality free or paid services that you can include so your clients may get the advantage of them as well. Remember to include your affiliate link if that particular tool, service or resource has one.

  • Register a brand new .com:

An extremely important part here is to register a .com domain with the exact name of your product. This will give an extremely powerful buzz, brand and trust to the buyers, and we are talking about a real and unique product here, right?

Step 3: Add Additional content (optional)

This is something that will surely improve the uniqueness of your product. You may research a little bit about the subject. Maybe you will find that some of the tools mentioned in the guide have been upgraded or may present new features that your clients may get the advantage of. That happens a lot with topics like Facebook Marketing and the new Graph Search that has been just released.

You may include additional chapters as well if you need to. You may include additional tools and steps in the process if necessary. Remember, you have to deliver more value, and more helpful tips.

If takes a lot to research and create a proven step-by-step system that you have already got included with the PLR products you have just bought. You just need to add more value and more power into it. You don’t have to create a proven system from scratch.

Let me give you a secret technique I do as well. There are a lot of great proven systems out there that bring awesome results, but that the ower doesn’t sell it as PLR. You can buy it, master it, and make it work for you, get positive results, apply your personal touch to it and create your own proven system.

Everybody does that. Everybody talks about affiliate marketing. Everybody uses blogs for affiliate marketing; while everybody does it with a personal touch; all of them do it using the same pattern. You can do yours that way too.

You can buy several products, apply them and create a system that gives you better results than the launcher of the product and there you now have your own system with your own proofs and your own testimonials from people.

Do not forget to add directly related products as bonuses. Check on the competition, especially the ones that are in the top of the search engines with the actual name of the product (the original name of the product).

Pay attention to the bonuses they are offering. Make sure to include different bonuses, more bonuses, or maybe the same bonuses but add some additional ones.

Step 4: Upload your sales funnel

This is an extremely important part, because this is what makes you a lot of money. This will really get you the making money machine you really want and deserve. If you don’t do this right, it will impact the number of sales and the money you make significantly.

Let me describe to you a simple, yet powerful way used by us (successful product launchers) to set up a high converting Sales Funnel.

What is a sales funnel? A Sales Funnel is the inter-connected sale stages that a visitor will go through once they get to your domain name. The buying process will be like this:

Main Product

The First Stage: the first stage is the squeeze page. Here you will be giving away a high quality product directly related to the main product (second stage).

90% of people that come to the main product sales page (Second Stage) won´t buy from you right away. They will need to feel a lot more trust before buying.  And the only way they will have the chance to see your sales page again is if you contact them and invite them again to it. But how will you contact them?

Here is where the squeeze page comes into play. If you send traffic directly to your squeeze page, and then give them a free report, that will build trust and confidence in your future customers about you, then they will be more than ready to buy your main product, because they already know it is of great quality.

A squeeze page has the purpose of collecting the contact information of as many people as possible, thus creating what is called a “List,” so the administrator of the squeeze page may contact everyone in the “List” by email using an email auto-responder service. This is what is called Email Marketing.

A high quality PLR product will come with a High Converting Squeeze Page that has already built in a free report directly related to the main product (second stage product). Well at least my PLR does.

The Second Stage: after people leave their contact details on your squeeze page, they will be automatically be redirected to the Main Product Sales Page (second stage). Here the visitors will have access to a ONE TIME OFFER which will be your main product. That sales page has to be really good so you can get a lot of sales from it.

Our high quality PLR product comes with a High Converting Sales Page as well that has it already built in to sell the main product (second stage).

I´m a product creator and I have sponsored successful launches. I really know how to create a high converting Sales Letter, and that’s what you are going to get with my PLR products as well.

Another vital component that our high quality PLR product will deliver to you is a set of pre-written emails that you can plug into your autoresponder series to advertise your main product to the subscribers that have decided to opt in for the free report, but didn’t buy the Main Product.

At least 40% of the people that enter your squeeze page will leave their contact details. And probably 30% won’t buy the main product. So you better get our highly effective set of emails automatically scheduled to be sent to them and thereby significantly increase your sales.

The Third Stage: that 10% of people that bought your product are highly interested in your subject; they are in what is called a “buying mood.” So you better take the most advantage of that mood before they get to your download page. Here is where the Up-Sale Sales Page comes into play.

The Up-Sale Product usually is an upgraded version of your main product. This product may be a directly related product as well. But the most important thing to be aware here is that it can’t replace the trust of the buyer on what he has just bought, the new offer should not give the appearance that the product that the buyer has already bought is not worth anything anymore because of the new offer.

You have to give the buyer the feeling that with the upgrade they will get access to a lot more benefits, or they can get the same great results that your main product will bring, but a lot faster and with less effort, or they will be able to make a lot more money with it than with the basic version.

Half of that 10% of people that bought the main product will get to buy the up-sell, but you should not forget about the other half.

A really cool technique that we as launchers do is that before we send that 50% that bought the main offer (but refuse to buy the up sale) to the download page, we ask them to register their name and email again to get access to the download page and for additional free upgrades. And then we send them to the download page of the main product.

We store the details of those buyers into a different “list,” a “buyers list.” In that list we will set up a different set of pre-written emails that are ready to advertise the Up-Sell offer that they didn’t get before. So that will dramatically increase your up-sale sales as well.

To that half of people that bought the up-sell, we redirect them to another registration page in order to build a 3rd list, so we can advertise different products to them and not the 2 products they have just bought from us.

And this is how Sales Funnels work. Now let me show you how to upload everything to your server and get ready with the money making machine before the last step of the process.

Step 5: Advertise your Product

There is a wide variety of advertising methods to promote our products online. I would like to point out the ones that bring results the most.

Something very important before talking about where and how to get traffic to your brand new product is to understand really well what Traffic is all about, but not only traffic, but High Quality Traffic.

According to Wikipedia, web traffic simply means the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website. But what we really will care the most about as Internet marketers is the quality of that traffic.

High Quality Traffic means the traffic that has the real intention to visit your website and interact with it, make comments, share with other people, and submit their name and email to receive more information on the subject, up to the point of spending money on that site.

The visitors that come to your website have to really care about your topic. So then they can do something inside. So in reality you decide on the types of visitors that will come to your website depending on the advertising approach you use.

If you just say to all of your friends to come to your website, how can you find out if they are really interested in knowing about it? Maybe a few of them will be interested to know. But it will depend on the words you use to invite them.

You can’t just say, “Hey visit my website: internetmarketingclassroom.club.. Maybe they will enter just because they are curious, but you will never know who would be interested in the subject. What you can do here in order to qualify the people that enter your website is the following:

Hey friends, how is it going? I have just set up a really nice website which talks about how to make easy money using Facebook. I know you guys spend a lot of time every day on Facebook like me, so I thought: “Well, how does it sound to make some money while having fun?” Go visit my site and get more information about it. See you later folks…

This approach was something completely different and a lot more enticing than the other. And what are the things that change the approach completely? The Words. Yes, the words!

The words you use will determine the quality of traffic you will get to your website. That’s why I say you decide who enters your website.

The principal vision you should have while thinking where and how to advertise your website is that the sources you chose should give you the ability to explain with words what your website is all about.

There are many ways to do that: We can use images with words like Banners, we can use other ways like emails, videos, audios, etc.

And finally with a really clear vision we can easily find out where to advertise. But before that, let me explain to you some other extremely important things:

The first one is to avoid the advertising where people get paid in order to see your advertising, as that will not show any real intention at all. And the second one is try to advertise on places that might be directly related to the main topic of your website. That will help a lot more along with the words you use.

Let me number just 5 possible ways to advertise online looking for High Quality Traffic:

Banner Advertising: it consists of a placing an image created by you and submitted to other people’s website. This is most popularly done with google AdWords, but it can be done lots of ways.

Text Ad Advertising: it is exactly the same as banner advertising, but with text instead of images.

Video Advertising: here is where you create a video exposing your offer and you submit the video to video sharing sites like YouTube. There is a huge underutilized Youtube advertising niche for internet marketers, and I currently use it everyday to promote a few offers that generate high profits for me. Comment for more info.

Article Advertising: you create an article talking about the main topic of the product and then invite the reader to check out your website for more info.

Email Advertising: you write an email and you ask List owners to mail it out for you. How can you find trustworthy email ad providers? You can get $5 OFF immediately when you use this link for Udimi.com, which is where I find all of my high quality solo ad providers.

Now I would like to mention a few really great sites that give the greatest advertising services to you. All of them are paid, but the traffic is high quality, which is what matters most because you will get a lot more money back than what you will spend.

If you decide to go for free traffic you will face a really hard time to get high quality, unless you decide to go for SEO, which is really time consuming and anyway you will have to spend money in order to get in the top, so, it is not free like all SEO gurus say.

I will explain the traffic sources by website. These websites offers different advertising ways:

Facebook Ads

Facebook is an outstanding source of high quality traffic. You can get the most targeted traffic ever using Facebook Ads, because they will let you make a choice between so many different characteristics you want to make sure your traffic could have. You will be able to choose Country, State, City, Zip code, Small Town (I have done it), Age, Gender, Status, Precise interests, education, etc.

Facebook Traffic is the cheapest traffic ever as well. It is amazing how cheap the traffic you can get there is if you know what you are doing.

You will have the chance to create what is called a Facebook Ad. You will be able to use words and even a small image. Only precisely interested people on your topic will have the chance to see that ad once they open their Facebook Account.

Facebook has invested a lot of money, and I mean a lot on this. And they are constantly investing more on this as well; as they are the best website in the world right now.

A lot of marketers trust in Facebook advertising platforms. Brands get amazing results online every single day using Facebook ads. You can do it too.

Google AdWords

Now I will go to the second best website of the world “Google.”

This is a platform where you will be able to place banners especially on Google Results Pages from the search engines, as well as on other people’s websites; similar to the next source of traffic.

You will create an ad just like in Facebook. And you will target people according to what they type into the Google search engine and according to the websites you select as well.

Google AdWords traffic is of high quality as well, but let me tell you it can be way more expensive than Facebook if you don’t know what you are doing.


Would you like to own a website that may get thousands and even millions of hungry info visitors every single month like clockwork? And be able to place a banner at any place you want, getting all the eyes of the visitors right into your banner ad, and make as much money as you want each and every day?

Now it is possible to do so. You can ask any extremely high traffic website of your choice to do any kind of advertising for you for as long as you want. You don’t have to own a website in order to get high quality traffic and a lot of success online.

You don’t even have to own a list either.  Everything is there on the Internet, waiting for you to just take it, use it and make a lot of profit from it.

Solo Ads

This is another amazing source of high quality traffic that can bring outstanding results. This consists of an email sent by an owner of a list advertising your product or service and sending them to your website.

There are a lot of Solo Ads service providers online. They have their personal websites with testimonials and prices. Let me give you direct access to the best ones:

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads

Solo ads are great. Because these lists are owned by Internet marketers normally are highly responsive. It is high quality traffic that can bring outstanding results. There are many different types of marketing on this excellent resource, so just search for the niche you’re in and then split test a few different sellers until you find the marketer with the best response for the offer you have!


If you’ve been Internet marketing for long, you’ve come across the term private label rights or PLR. What is PLR and how does it differ from other licenses like master resale rights?  And why should you care about the differences?

When we refer to PLR, what is meant is the product, which could be something as simple as a pack of articles or as complex as a complete marketing package with eBooks and audio recordings, has a license granting the new owner the right to use the content as he or she sees fit. 

This means you can sell it as your own product, give it away as a lead magnet (ethical bribe), or include it on a paid membership site.

Someone else has done the writing (or recording), and possibly had a nice website template put together with sales letter and graphics. Then, rather than trying to market it themselves, make it available for sale to many others.

Some PLR sites are membership based, meaning the number of buyers is limited. Others have no membership. You might get a lot more content with a membership, but some of it may not be the niche you’re looking for. With a no-membership PLR site, you pick and choose what niche topics you’re going to buy so that none of it ends up gathering dust on your hard drive.

With PLR, you’re given a license that tells specifically what you can and can’t do with the package.  The best PLR are those that have an unconditional license that basically allows the new owner to use and redo the product any way they like.  You can add your own name, add and delete sections, even sell it on to others with a price that you determine. It’s as if you’re the original author without all of the work of authoring. 

Also, before buying, if you can get a snippet of the text, Google it (in quotes) to see how many times it’s been used on the net. This way you can get an idea of how many others have purchased the same package. This can help prevent you from trying to sell a product that 14,000 other people are also selling.

But remember, in most cases, the person who has the best sales page is going to rake in the most money.

Sadly, most people will purchase the PLR and then won’t do anything about it. They’ll just sit on the product and they won’t upload the sales page or even use it as a lead magnet, it just goes to waste. Don’t let this be you! Make sure to put to good use everything you purchase so that can be the most successful online.

True unconditional PLR is a money and time saver.  For $50 to $200 you get top quality, well designed content that you would otherwise spend many countless hours producing by yourself or paying through the nose for a freelancer to do something similar.  If your time and money is precious, PLR can be the answer you are looking for.

Here’s a list of the top converting PLR right now (and not oversaturated)

WordPress Training Kit
Expert video training from start to finish how to set up wordpress, customize it, and then how to use it to make money hosting your own sites or as a freelancer.

DFY Instagram Marketing Business
This completely done for you guide to instagram marketing is an excellent, high quality product which you can sell to instagram up-and-comers who are dying to be influencers, but don’t know how.

Send me an email or drop a comment to ask about other great PLR products, which you can use to build a huge list of buyers and bring in passive income online.

Here are some other great resources if you’re looking for some of the best ways to make money online

Join HQPLR Store for an Endless Market of High Quality PLR Products at a fraction of the cost–to get started, purchase The Instagram Marketing PLR (https://superaffiliatereviews.com/go/DFYinstagramMarketing) and then you’ll get an exclusive offer to join the HQPLR Store for monthly PLR Delivered directly to your email address each month for you to resell as your own and build a huge business.

Instagram Marketing PLR – Teach businesses how to be wildly successful on Instagram while putting dollars in your own pocket https://superaffiliatereviews.com/go/DFYinstagramMarketing

Intermittent Fasting Formula – High Quality product you can sell as your own to a quickly growing market. This product sells really well https://superaffiliatereviews.com/go/IFweightloss

Profitable Youtube Business PLR – Teach people how to build a successful youtube business. Teach them how to make money while you build a business for yourself selling your own products! https://superaffiliatereviews.com/go/YoutubeBusinessPLR



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