SEO Espionage: Beware of Buying Blackhat Marketing

Will blackhat methods jumpstart your SEO efforts or will they punish you beyond repair?
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Black Hat Methods: Worth It?

The Benefits of Black Hat SEO

In the race to rank your website in search engine results pages, should you consider black hat methods? They promise faster ranking and more money in record-breaking amounts of time at a fraction of the cost. It sounds like a no brainer! but could it be too good to be true? 

Blackhat marketing is a term used to refer to marketing that isn’t ethical. Black hat techniques include keyword stuffing, cloaking, and using private link networks. What is the danger if google reads links all the same?

Black Hat methods don’t pay off in the long run

The Danger of Black Hat SEO

Instead of focusing on productive, long term strategies, those who practice blackhat marketing are looking for quick, short term results. Not only can blackhat marketing traps negatively influence customers, but they can also result in your site be permanently banned from search engines.

Search engines have figured out most of these methods and have started penalizing websites who even attempt to do these methods by sending them way back in search results.  

Since search engines are a major way of gaining traffic, you don’t to want to do anything that would jeopardize your good standing. It’s important to learn what these blackhat marketing methods are and what you can do for traffic and rankings instead.

Link Farming or Keyword Networks

Originally, search engines ranked a site based on the number of links to it. This quickly led dishonest website owners to create a system that is now commonly known as link farming.

A large pool of webmasters would each link to other websites that in turn linked to them. If Webmaster ‘A’ had fifty people working with him, then he had fifty links to his site, making his site seem more valuable to search engines.

Of course, this method is no longer effective due to the increasing ability of search engine algorithms to recognize this technique. Instead, try to get links from websites relevant to your own. Contact webmasters of sites that are well-written, informative and have a strong PageRank in the search engines.

The best way to find this kind of information is by looking into SEO specific tools. Most of these are paid tools because they’re extremely valuable, like BuzzSumo or SEORush. The challenge is their trials also cost money. But if you’re serious about marketing and building your website, you need to at least consider these tools.

Keyword Stuffing

Another common blackhat method is to stuff pages with keywords. This can be done by using words that are the same color as the background or by simply writing sentences that overuse the keywords. Yes! Imagine squeezing the same word or group of words typed in black against a black background, so that users could never see it, but the search engine gets ‘fooled’ into thinking that this is the right page for someone’s search!

Regardless of the method used, this is still a poor idea and search engine algorithms will penalize your website. Instead, try using keywords in your text headings, naming your website pages appropriately, setting up your permalink structure correctly, and writing well thought out sentences instead of garbled keyword rich paragraphs.

Hiding links on your site is a good way to get penalized by major search engines

Doorway Pages

An additional blackhat method to avoid is doorway pages. These are pages that contain keywords relevant to the visitor’s search term but they contain no real information and don’t contribute to the website.

These pages might get you ranked in search engines but they’ll eventually be detected and your site could get banned. Instead of using doorway pages, write articles relevant to your business and submit them to search engine directories.

Include your website in the bio box or body of the article (if allowed) and you have another link to your website. You can also comment on blogs related to your niche and receive traffic that way. Just make sure your comments are relevant and on topic and not spammy.

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