The Neglected Third

Why Rank Videos

We all know how difficult and unpredictable it can be to rank in Google. We’ve learned that video is the best hack for search engine rankings due to two statistics. Videos rank easier than normal listings AND they get more clicks. Definitely a win win.

With so much focus on Google and Facebook, sometimes we forget about YouTube. It’s ranked as the 3rd most visited site globally (behind Google and Facebook) and currently gets over 3 BILLION views per day. By utilizing video we can tap into this massive traffic source while still gunning for the first page rankings. Follow this article step by step and watch the traffic flow. It’s not always easy, but with hard work and a little patience, you can see your videos rank higher.

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Rank Higher with Videos

  • The chances of getting a page #1 listing on google increase 53X with video

  • Videos in search results have a 41% higher CTR (click through rate) than plain-text results


Video Keywords: Keywords that have video results in google

If you need help finding good keywords, check out this article “How to Find Articles that Make You Money”

Types of keywords that typically rank well:

  • Reviews
  • Tutorials
  • HowTo
  • Fitness & Sports

  • Funny Videos

Long Tail Vs. Broad

If you can combine these, you will get results quickly for the long tail keywords and longer term you can rank for the broad keyword as well. I always start with the longer tail as well, so I can gain immediate traction and build up the authority of my channel.

A good example in the internet marketing niche might be:

  • Long Tail: Video SEO Best Practices
  • Broad: Video SEO

If you’re posting videos for a local business, a good example might be:

  • Long Tail: 24 hour Jacksonville ac repair
  • Jacksonville ac repair


STEP 2: Upload and Optimize

File Name Matters

*Pro tip

Here’s a pro tip most youtubers don’t know about ranking their videos:

  • Replace file name with keyword phrase before upload.
    • Don’t upload the original name of your video, “Youtube – march -draft 1.” Youtube takes into consideration the name of the original file name uploaded, for example, if your video is about Best SEO Practices, change the name of your file to “video-seo-bestpractices.mp4”
    • Having a filename that matches your Video Title will help your video rank higher

How to Write Your Video Title

• First 55 or 60 characters are seen in a youtube search and google search – get keyword in the very beginning and call to action if possible

• If you’re making a video for a local based business, use a phone number! You don’t have to watch a video to pickup the phone and call.

• Write your Video title like a headline to rank higher

*special tip – search google for keyword and look at ads for ideas

• Use primary and secondary keyword phrases if possible

  • Don’t repeat keywords
  • Use every last character available in title

Don’t try keyword stuffing, google has become too smart for that. Don’t add unrelated keywords just because you think it may get you a few more clicks, but don’t be shy about adding keywords and words to ensure the title makes sense. And if you have room, add a call to action.

How to Write a Killer Description

According to youtube the more words in your descriptions the higher your chances of being discovered by searchers. Think of it like writing an article on your blog, the higher quality (and usually longer) your content is, the more likely search engines will point toward your contact when there are searches.

The same is true for your video descriptions. They must be above 300 words minimum. 300-600 words is a good goal to shoot for (1-2 keywords per 100 words). Make sure you put your main keywords in writing before you try to send your viewers to any external URL. 

Tags – Not Optional

Category Choice

You must use tags! Use as many of the 30 tags as possible. This is a chance to help you rank, don’t waste it. I’ve learned a really clever way to see what other top ranking videos are using as tags, and if there is enough interest in this post, I’ll add it here.

Here are a few tips to get you started in the right direction:

  • Chose your category based upon whats already ranking, don’t reinvent the wheel
  • Add as many relevant keywords as you can fit in tags
  • Use long tail keywords to more narrow search results

Be creative. Don’t add keywords that don’t relate to your content, but take a few minutes to think about possible secondary or tertiary keywords to add.


Whenever you create a new channel, open a new gmail account for each niche to use for the channel. Having a new account will help you stay organized, and also help to keep each of your channels looking genuine. You want google to recognize your account as a genuine person, so here are some things you can do to tilt the odds in your favor:

  1. Subscribe to several newsletters so the Gmail email seems active.

  2. Add several calendar events to Google Calendar and add several documents to Google Docs to add more legitimacy.

  3. Subscribe to at least 30-50 people in the same industry as your videos that are either local or national.

  4. Also comment on at least one video for every channel you subscribe to. This will also help you build some subscribers from the very start, since people appreciate subscribers and comments.

Channel Title

Include your main keyword in your channel name. If your channel is about Bicycles, reviewing the best bicycles, talking about bicycles, and how bicycles are the best thing in the world, for the love of God, please include something about Bicycles in your channel title. Don’t try to be too clever, like, “The Circles of Life.” Sure, it’s fun, but it will never show up in search results. Try something more boring and straightforward like, “Bicycles for Life,” “Top Bicycle Reviews,” or something else that keeps your main keyword in the channel title.

Always add channel keywords. Many people forget about this completely, but it can play a big role in getting people to land on your channel and your videos, helping you get more subscribers and more views. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to your channel icon in the top right
  2. Drop Down and Select “Youtube Studio”
  3. On the Left Side Menu, Select “Settings”
  4. Then you’ll find the tags under Channel -> BasicInfo

There, you can fill out any tags that you think are appropriate for your channel. Don’t forget to use some long-tail keywords and some broad, generic keywords.

Optimize The Channel Bio

Once again, this can be done under by clicking your icon in the top right, but this time go to “YOUR CHANNEL.” Once you land on your channel, click “CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL,” and you’ll have lots of options, including optimizing your bio, structuring the way visitors will see your information layout, and creating a banner so people can see what you’re all about. 

Create a Channel Header

How important are video thumbnails? If you answered “Very Important,” you’re right! So what if you could make a video thumbnail to represent your entire channel? Wouldn’t that be important too? You can use your channel header as an opportunity to tell visitors what you stand for and what they should expect from you. Is it funny? Professional? A mix of both? This leads us directly into the last step of optimizing your Youtube Channel: your feature video. 

Set up a feature video

If your Channel Art makes a statement about you, then your feature video on your channel is even more important. This can make the difference between 10 extra subscribers vs. 10 people who walk away. I’ve seen some channel intro videos that blew me away so much by their organization, attention to detail, and overall mastery, that I subscribed to their channel right away. Don’t underestimate the power of introducing yourself, your message, and your ethos, to people who stop by to learn more about who you are. 

Step #4 Get Backlinks (and Video Embeds)

Send Some Emails


Google the top 30-50 blogs in your specific niche, and look through a few of their pages. If they have an article on a topic you cover, send them a quick template email and ask if they’d be willing to embed your video on their page, since having a video on their page helps them rank higher on google. Yes, I know this can take time, but if you put in the work on the front end, it can be quite lucrative in the long-run.

Social links

Find social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, whatever else, and (where appropriate) put post some of your video links so that google can see lots of people are linking to your content. Don’t SPAM your links everywhere possible, but find places that are appropriate. You’re not trying to get blocked, you’re just trying to increase your search ranking. 

Quora, Yahoo Answers, and other Q&A Sites

Are these social networking sites? Kind of. Either way, these can be really good opportunities to post your links out there. Search for questions and RESPOND to them. Don’t just post your links, actually read the questions and respond to them, then at the bottom of your thoughtful response, you can drop a link referring them to a helpful video you have on the subject. 

In short, you want diversified links. Think of all the varied options and try to post several links each day. If you think of any ways not mentioned in the post above, drop them in the comments and help out other readers!


Watch Time

Create quality content that keeps user engaged – quality will range in your niche, for example, you’ll typically be competing against local niches vs. high tech. While you may not be able to compete with multi-billionaire dollar companies, your quality should be high enough on average to compete with the average small business that is using video marketing. If Youtube sees that people only watch your videos for an average of 0:03, they’re not going to keep sending people to those videos.

Use cards in your videos to link people to some of your other most popular videos, and use a well-designed end screen to keep people watching more of your videos when they finish one of them. 


Getting views must be more than hoping that people will watch your videos. You must be proactive in getting people to watch your videos. If you don’t think your videos are worth watching why are you making them? Here are a few tricks you can use to start driving traffic to your videos right away

  1. Email your list if you have one
  2. Embed the video on sites that get traffic
  3. Announce the video on social media sites
  4. Create your own playlists
  5. Ask your viewers to create playlists with your videos
  6. Sponsor a contest to create playlists with your videos

Subscribes, Comments & Shares

Ask viewers in video

Yes! Ask people to like and subscribe, but be sincere about it. Please don’t ever say “SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON.” Instead, say, “If you liked this video and want more content like this, please like this video and subscribe so other people can see it, too.” and even consider adding, “If you didn’t like this video, give me a thumbs down and write in the comment section why you didn’t like it.” This is a good way to get comments and show that people are engaging with your video content. 

Use a Subscriber List

A list is good for more than making sales and building relationships, it can also help you build your Youtube channel. Don’t have a list and don’t know how to build one? I’m going to be putting together some of the best resources for you to start working on list building right away, so if you don’t see them here, comment below and I’ll work on it as fast as I can.

I’m going to include a few bonus tips at the end that I didn’t have time to write about, but there is a ton of information to get your started on ranking your youtube videos. Like SEO, Video-SEO is a long process, but once it’s done well, it will bring your loads of free traffic that you can use for a long time to make money without putting in any extra work.

Want to Bypass all the Hard Work?

You can RANK FASTER with three clicks using Video Marketing Blaster

If you want to bypass the hours of research and hard work, you can use this software to help your videos rank on the front page with very little effort and much faster than using these tactics here.

Bonus Tactics to Get More Views

  1. View your video on desktop, mobile and tablet. Make sure to watch all the way through. This will tell google that people are interested in your content in all different platforms. It also reaches the video with different IP addresses so that it’s no obviously you playing your own video on repeat.
  2. Post the video on social media and ask for opinions. But be ready for some negative feedback. People can be brutal. Use this feedback, both positive and negative to help you create better videos in the future. 
  3. Use Fiverr – search for YOUTUBE VIEWS, and you will find many different sellers who are willing to work on video SEO for you, as well as run paid ads and even give you video shoutouts.
  4. You’ll need be a little bold for this one, but you can also link to your most recent video in your personal email where your signature is. People who you are emailing probably like you and will likely be curious enough to click through, and may even watch until the end.
  • The Video Leech Method – Notice a channel that is dominating Google? Use their channel name as a tag in your videos, so your videos get listed as a “related video” for their videos.

Final Things to Consider

  • Record multiple videos targeting the same keywords so that you dominate those keywords and google has multiple videos to rank you for. This will help build your channel and get all of your videos more views.

  • When people comment, always comment back. This shows Youtube twice as many comments and shows that people are engaging with your content.

  • Fight flags! – If your video is flagged, for content or copyright, fight to get it removed. Your video will be penalized if there are pending or uncontested flags.

Well that’s it for now, if you have any questions or thoughts, drop them in the comment below; and if you found this article helpful, consider subscribing to my list for more great content as well as all the best ways to help you make money online in 2020.