Solving the Debate For all Time

For the marketers who are undecided about whether to promote tangible or digital products, knowing what affects the sales of each can make the decision easier to make.

What’s the Difference?

Tangible Products

Tangible products are what you can physically grasp. Can you touch it? It’s a physical product.

You use tangible products every day in life. Your healthcare items, your clothing – even the meals that you eat are considered tangible products. You can find millions of tangible products to promote online on sites like Amazon, Wal-Mart, and more.

Benefits of Physical Products

What’s the benefit of promoting physical products?

These are products that people are going to buy anyway. Did you know that over 70% of people ask a friend or family member for a recommendation before buying a product?

This is a huge opportunity for you to find a niche that you’re genuinely interested in and review all the products you can find. As long as you provide genuinely useful information, people who are already going to buy a product will use your affiliate link and earn you money with every purchase.

Digital Products

Digital products would fall under the category of those items that can be delivered to consumers via their email inbox. Some of those products might be software that makes their marketing life easier.

Other products might be movies or video or a PDF file. It’s whatever product you can send them by using the Internet. Obviously, you can’t deliver clothes to someone’s email inbox but you could deliver an e-course telling customers what clothes they can promote for profit online.

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Benefits of Digital Products

Digital products have one huge advantage over physical products, the overhead costs are extremely low. Digital products cost almost nothing to make, and even if one spends thousands of dollars to make an expensive, robust system, the cost is all up front. Unlike a shirt, it doesn’t cost $5 for every $10 sale, which is 50% overhead cost. Once the digital product is complete, the cost per sale is next to nothing, which means every profit over that is net profit.

Which Should I promote?

The age old question that many marketers still ask is, “Which product will make the most in profit – tangible or digital ones?” The answer is:

  1. Whichever product fills a need
  2. There’s a situation where you can get that product in front of the people who need it

A great product without an audience is just one that gathers dust for someone or sits on a hard drive. That’s why the marketing part of affiliate sales is so important. You need both.

Whether you sell tangible or digital products, you must be a promoting machine and spread the word about the products everywhere you go online that allows for that type of promotion. Talk about it every chance you get to land in someone’s email inbox with permission.

Make sure you put an affiliate link in the newsletter where you’re talking about the product. The reason behind that is because you might get someone a year down the road who clicks on that link and buys the product because it’s sent out on autopilot via an email autoresponder.

You’ll earn your percent of the sales no matter when that link is accessed – as long as the product is still available, so make it easy for the buyer to get to it. Remember that you’re basically acting as a traffic director when you’re in affiliate sales. You just show the way to the product, and you get a percentage of the sale.

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What you want to look at no matter which type of product you decide to promote is what the dollar amount in commission is that you’ll make on the product. You might think 50% sounds great versus 10%, but when you do the math, the 50% is for a $10 item, giving you a $5 commission, whereas the 10% is for a $1,000 item ñ so your commission would grow to $100. You could always do what many marketers do and promote both tangible and digital products. There are many that complement each other.

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