Video Marketing: An Introduction

Can You Make More Money by Creating Videos?
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Video is probably the most effective way to market on the Internet in 2020. Are you using video marketing? You should be. Here are a few reasons why: 

Video Marketing Volume Statistics

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YouTube is one of the most visited websites in the world, and other video sharing sites are growing in popularity, too – including niche specific sites, like those for Internet marketing. As a result of the gain in popularity of video sharing sites, more marketers are turning to video as a way to promote their products and services. 

Almost any type of product or service can be promoted through video, but it’s important to do it properly.  People don’t visit video sites to view commercials, people watch videos about things they’re interested in, things they want to buy, or things they want to learn. 

Two Ways to Sell Things

If you make videos to sell things, good luck getting people to watch them.  If you want your videos to be viewed, you need to be funny, exciting, controversial, or educational. For the most views, be all four. Unfortunately, I’m none of the four, so I try to be educational when I can. This is a common law of humanity, people will feel grateful if you give them something.

#1 Way to Make Sales through Video

Give them a gift.

People feel grateful if you give them something. A gift can be teaching them something helpful or giving them a small gift, like a free guide to getting traffic or how to look better on camera. 

If your free videos offer a ton of quality content, they have a good chance of going viral and making you a lot of money. Video is so powerful – not only because of the sheer number of people who view video sharing sites every day, but because it can be much more persuasive than the written word.

#2 Way to Make Sales through Video

Solve a problem for them

When most people find a problem online or get confused about something, they hop on youtube and find a quick solution.

If you can figure out what problem your target audience is experiencing, then you need to bring answers to their problems. If they need traffic, show them. If they are having trouble creating quality content, teach them. THEN show them a product that can cut their time in half or double their income. 

If you present a good promising solution to a problem they are facing, and they will be thanking you while they give you their money.

Video Creation is so complicated. Is it realistic to add that to the plate of a full marketing job?

Challenges of Video Marketing

Many marketers feel they don’t look good on camera, or don’t have the budget to produce quality videos. This is a very valid concern. Making good videos is challenging and can be really time consuming. 

People don’t care about how you look on camera, and truthfully, people care a lot less about the quality of the video than the quality of the CONTENT. Make your videos valuable, and you can be as ugly as Joe Exotic. 

Don’t Forget about Audio

People can forgive you for poor quality video, people cannot forgive bad audio. If you’re hard to hear or sound far away, it will make people want to turn off the video more than it will make them want to keep listening. The cheapest way to record good audio is to buy a tiny lav mic ( and plug that directly into the microphone input on your computer. A little bit better way is to get a USB microphone that has more frequency audio range like the Blue Yeti Mic ( 

What Niche Works for Videos

This is very effective with almost any kind of product. Are you in the dog niche? Create some “How to Train Your Dog” videos. Create some videos that explain the differences between different breeds of dogs. 

If your product is about how to make money with eBooks, you could have a couple of sample videos on how to get affiliates, or how to get more traffic to your minisite, making sure you show proof of your results within the video production.

Even if you don’t want to post your videos to Youtube or Vimeo, you can post them on your own site or blog.  You can even put video on your sales page for higher conversions. Video can be an important selling tool, but it’s also effective as the primary media you use to create your product, too. You could create an entire course using video content, teaching people about how to solve the problems they’re facing in your niche. 

Drop a comment if you’d like any more guidance about how to create videos to help sell your products or gain more followers. 

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