Where to Even Begin?

There are actually so many places where you can hire freelancers, that it may be confusing. The first question to ask is, “What work do you need done?”

Here are a few to get you started:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Toptal
  • Simply Hired
  • PeoplePerHour
  • TaskRabbit
  • Designhill
  • and many more

All of these have pros and cons, and some of them are very broad and offer a variety of services, while some of them are very specific and specialize in one or two specific tasks.

While you should feel free to check out any of these sites on your own, I’ve been using Fiverr reliably for over 4 years, and I’ve been able to find surprisingly good workers at surprisingly good prices.

There are two main ways to find the right freelancer

Search For the Right Fit

What job do you need done? Just type it into the search bar and you’ll find thousands (or tens of thousands) of people who can do the job. Some of them are extremely expensive, and some of them are extremely cheap. How do you know who to choose?

Start by refining your search criteria. How much are you looking to spend? Do you want to look at only the most experienced sellers or only new sellers? How soon do you need the final product? One week? One Day? You can change all these factors to find the right fit for the job you need. 

after a quick search, you’ll be able to refine your search by narrowing your results, your final output requirements, types of sellers you want to work with, your budget, delivery time, and even more, such as whether or not the seller is available to take your order immediately, or if they have a line that you need to file behind.

For example, let’s say you need to create an infographic to post to pinterest to try to get some traffic to your new affiliate offer. Simply type “Create Infographic” or just “infographic” into the search bar. Start by refining your search criteria. For my last infographic, I wanted to spend only a little money because I knew I wasn’t going to rake in a ton of money with the project. I set the search bar starting between $5 and $25.

I didn’t just select the first person I clicked, however. A big part of having a good experience is by reading their BIO. Who are they? What else have they worked on? Any positive reviews? Negative reviews? If you seem to jive with their attitude and they have examples of good work, then give it a try.

If it really goes poorly, fiverr protects your investment. You can cancel the order at any time and get a refund if the seller runs away or does a terrible job. I’ve had several negative experiences with sellers in the past, but fiverr has always refunded my money without question, and I was always able to find another great seller to work with. I’ll talk more about that point in just a minute.

Post a Bid

You can also post a bid request and have freelancers bid for your job.  I’ll give you a few tips for finding the best freelancers to work with. But first off, the way to get there, is to click on your profile icon to the drop down and select “Post a Request,” then you’ll be taken to this page, which gives you PLENTY of room to write about what you need. The more specific you can be with your goal and your project parameters, the more likely you’ll find exactly the right person to work with.

You can choose a specific category, time frame, and budget. The only downside to picking a small budget is that if you need an experienced professional, they may not even be interested in talking unless you’re willing to put up big numbers. But if you need something simple (or you don’t have a lot of money) this is often a really good way to find lots of people who are willing to work with you for a great price.

Best Tip I Ever Received

At the end of your description of the service(s) you need, include a sentence to weed out all of the people who didn’t fully read your ad, but instead, just sent out masses of bids hoping to get some work. This also shows that if they can’t follow the directions in the initial ad, you don’t want to trust them with your work and your business. It should be unique and odd.

“So that I know you read this entire description, start your response with ‘Chutes and Ladders’. I won’t read or respond to any messages that don’t start with this.”

Usually, the more ridiculous the better, because it’s really funny to watch the requests come in with ridiculous titles and first sentences, but it gives you a feeling of confidence, knowing that they’re responding to your full message, and not just hoping to get work from anybody.

If you receive a message without your specific instructions, just delete it. You don’t want to hire someone who couldn’t bother to read and follow your most simple instructions.

Is it dangerous to hire a freelancer to help you with your workload?

Dangers of Hiring a Freelancer

Waste of Time and Money

There are some inherent dangers in hiring a freelancer. Anytime you’re trusting another person to help you, there are dangers. You put your heart and soul, not to mention countless hours, on getting your product perfect. What if you ask someone to do some work for you and you’re not happy? That’s precious money and time wasted when you could have just done it yourself.

While that is true, that is a small-minded thought. Once you find a reliable person to work with, and you will if you try a few, DO NOT LET THEM GO! I’ve worked with extremely talented logo designers, web designers, marketing experts, traffic consultants, and many more, who I keep going back to again and again, because they’re in my exact price range (because I set my own budget) and they do excellent work.

Getting Scammed

This did actually used to be a huge problem when hiring a freelancer, but since Fiverr works with an escrow payment structure (you pay fiverr and only AFTER the seller has delivered the high quality work you were expecting, they pay the seller), you don’t have to be afraid that the seller will take your money and run, nor do you need to fear that the seller will deliver pre-packaged, stolen, or shoddy work. Fiverr keeps you completely protected. *This is a good time for me to warn you if anyone asks you to communicate privately, whether email, skype, or other, they’re probably trying to scam you, so just respond with “Sorry I only communicate on Fiverr,” and they’ll leave you alone pretty fast.

They’ll Steal my Business Idea

You may not have been originally worried about this, and for the most part, it’s really not going to matter. For the example I used above, making an infographic (which I’ll put below for you), it’s not really a business idea that someone can steal, so no reason to worry.

But what if you’re hiring a VA (virtual assistant) to fulfill all your orders for your drop shipping store, run advertisements, and respond to customer queries? The best thing to do up front is to ask them to sign a NDA (non-disclosure agreement). Bonus points if you can have a lawyer read over it before you send it to be signed so you know its legally binding. This prevents them from sharing or stealing any of the information they learn while working for you. If they’re going to be given the in’s and out’s of what makes your business successful, it’s important to think about how to protect yourself in the case that you find them untrustworthy in the future.

Benefits Far Outweigh the Risks

In the long run, having a team of people you can trust to get jobs done while you work on higher level thinking (or take a much deserved vacation) will help prevent burnout and in the long run, make you more money and require less time glued to your computer so that you can enjoy whatever brings you life.

If you want more information like this, please let me know by dropping a content so that I know where to focus my energy. My goal is to be as helpful as possible. If you want the latest trends and best deals on the internet right now, join my newsletter to keep up

oh and just for fun, here is the infographic I had commissioned for a Youtube Series on Social Proof

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