How to Find Keywords that Make You Money

Keywords can make or break your long-term success
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Do Keywords Really Matter?

After Nailing Down a Niche You Need to Tackle Keywords

Finding keywords can make or break your long-term success

After you’ve picked your niche, you need to do some keyword research in order to help your site rank and build organic traffic. Many beginning entrepreneurs make the mistake of choosing their niche and then launching a website shortly after, with no thought to keyword research.

But entrepreneurs that grasp the benefits of well-chosen keywords take the time to research, because they understand the relationship between traffic and keywords. Proper keyword research will allow you to know which words get your target audience’s attention. Those are the words they use themselves in a search engine.

Keyword research will position your website or blog at the top of search engine results so that your site receives plenty of traffic. When you’re targeting keywords, even subtle things like adding an ‘s’ can make a difference.

For instance if your niche is “Pet Training,” which is a great niche BTW, then it’s important to know that the word “Dog” receives forty five million searches a month, while the word “Dogs” receives only sixteen million. Do you have a better chance of getting seen in a sea of 45 million searches or 16 million? If you want to get even more specific, you can think about long-tail keywords, which would change “puppy training” to “best ways to train a puppy.” By choosing more words, you’re more likely to get clicks, but we’ll talk more about those later.

It doesn’t take an expert to find good keywords

Choosing the Right Keywords

Your goal is to select keywords that will garner you the most searches per words. What you’re looking for is something with little competition but a lot of searches. You can shell out money to pay for fancy keyword tools like “Market Samurai” to help you in your quest, but there are free alternative tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool where you still get the information you need to get the traffic you want. Stay tuned for another article about how to use google Adwords, including Google’s free Keyword Tool.

If you don’t spend any time on keyword research, or choose poor keywords means you’re missing out on important traffic and missing out on the sales you could be making. You can can still use poorly chosen keywords to get traffic, but could end up being those people who are not interested in what you’re selling. You want your keywords to be relevant to your audience and bring warm traffic, if at all possible.

When you build your site, you also want to make sure that you not only use keywords in your paragraphs, but you also want to make sure that you use keywords in your titles. When you pick a name for your website, select one with a keyword or keywords in your main site’s address.

Remember the better you use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on your site, the higher it will rank when search engines display the results. One of the mistakes entrepreneurs make is choosing a bad domain name.

Be specific. Don’t create a general “About” page. Going back to the earlier example about pet training, instead, create an “About Pet Training” page. When you put up a contact page or box, use a keyword phrase there as well. Such as, “Contact for more information on pet training.” This nets you additional keywords.

Taking one small step at a time will bring you long-term success

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